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What’s Next

Well well, Adobe has officially announced Creative Suite 5 and 3 days before the launch Apple released its iPhone OS 4 and along with it changed its Developer Agreement which has increased the friction between the two companies. It all started with Apple claiming that Adobe’s Flash Player was buggy and was not a correct … Continue reading

Gnome Desktop on Ubuntu Server

I generally work with the Command line tool provided by Ubuntu but still wanted to setup Ubuntu desktop on the Server edition. So as usual, I setup a brand new machine with Ubuntu server and once all was done, I started to install ubuntu desktop. But that was where I got stuck. I did a … Continue reading

Amazon EC2 Cloud Bundling

It’s my first try with Amazon EC2 and to be honest things really didn’t work as planned. First it was to configure Internet Options to allow me to download JDK from Sun after which Configuring IIS’s FTP service. Finally I had to rely on my good old friend FileZilla and hosted my FTP Server. After … Continue reading

Hello world!

Hello World!!!! This is the second technology blog to which I am going to publish. My other blog is a compilation of problems and solutions that I come across on a daily basis. I plan not to write about technology in this blog but be more specific on programming languages, tool and their utilities. Thanks, … Continue reading