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Manually clearing SQUID cache

Here are the steps to clear the cache of Squid proxy on Ubuntu The first step is to identify the directory where squid is caching all the files. In order to find this out open the squid.conf and search for Cache_dir Let us assume that the Cache_dir is /var/spool/squid Next from the Squid.conf find out … Continue reading


Second post in the series Back to Basic Display the Nth Node from the End


I am starting a series of posts that are targeted towards Data Structures that I had been wanting to write for a long time. They are simple code snippets. For many this might not be useful but for some, it might be. So here we go, the first one is to print the contents of … Continue reading

Flash on iPad … This time via SmokeScreen

Chris Smoak’s Smokescreen does exactly what it promises: enable Flash content to play on Apple’s iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad. Technically it might just be a Flash to HTML 5 converter but for Ad Networks it is a big leap in bringing Flash to the iDevices. At a time when Apple and AdobeĀ  are fighting … Continue reading

Froyo and data tethering

E61, the first business phone with full QWERTY support from Nokia. I just loved this phone just for one of its feature; IP Passthrough. It allowed me to connect to the internet from my laptop at a time when wireless broadband was a distant dream in India. But sadly none of its successors nor the … Continue reading

What’s Next

Well well, Adobe has officially announced Creative Suite 5 and 3 days before the launch Apple released its iPhone OS 4 and along with it changed its Developer Agreement which has increased the friction between the two companies. It all started with Apple claiming that Adobe’s Flash Player was buggy and was not a correct … Continue reading

AIR 2.0 Native Process Batch File

I really wanted this feature almost a year back when I was working on Adobe Mobile Packager with AIR 1.0. The very reason why we didn’t build the UI with AIR was its inability to interact with Native processes. And finally now with the 2.0 release of AIR, the feature has been made available to … Continue reading

My First Flex Experiment

It has been quite a while since I worked on Adobe Flex. I launched Adobe Flex Builder after a really long time and was scanning through my workspace when I got hold of my first Flex experiment. Here it is, my first experiment a Simple EMI Calculator with a Amortization Schedule generator. I have updated … Continue reading

The politics of Technology

The Apple-Adobe feud just got worser with the launch of iPad which excluded Adobe Flash technology for all the same reasons why iPhone didn’t. There were many a reasons that were cited by Apple as to why they excluded Flash on iPhone and now the iPad. Calling Flash proprietary, buggy and the reason for many … Continue reading

Gnome Desktop on Ubuntu Server

I generally work with the Command line tool provided by Ubuntu but still wanted to setup Ubuntu desktop on the Server edition. So as usual, I setup a brand new machine with Ubuntu server and once all was done, I started to install ubuntu desktop. But that was where I got stuck. I did a … Continue reading