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The politics of Technology

The Apple-Adobe feud just got worser with the launch of iPad which excluded Adobe Flash technology for all the same reasons why iPhone didn’t. There were many a reasons that were cited by Apple as to why they excluded Flash on iPhone and now the iPad. Calling Flash proprietary, buggy and the reason for many of the safari crashes were just a few. Apple also has released substantial data to back their claims. But beyond all of this, there lies a vested interest that Apple is pursuing.

This John Gruber’s blog post that I read a couple of days back would throw more light on this regard. It is not a biased one but would throw a lot of light on where Apple is proceeding.

Also I think another reason for abandoning Flash was to generate revenue for all the developers who have adopted the Apple’s runtime. There are zillions of free flash games on the web and if Flash was made available on the iPhone, who would buy them from the App Store and Apple could not boast of more than a million applications and 3 billion downloads.




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