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Symbian – TBuf/TBufC to TPtrC conversions

To Create a TPtrC from TBuf/TBufC is straight forward and can be achieved in two ways,

  • Using the constructor
  • Using the Set Method

Here you go,

LIT(KText , "Testing");
TBufC<10> Buffer( KText );

// Creation of TPtr using Constructor
TPtrC     Ptr (buffer);

// Creation of TPtr using Member Function
TPtrC     Ptr1;

The variable buffer can be of either TBuf or TBufC

To convert a TPtrC to TBufC is pretty simple

TBufC<16> bufferC = Ptr1.Des() // Ptr1 is the TPtrC declared above

Once the we have the TBufC we can convert it to TBuf as mentioned in one of my posts



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