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Python – Monitor Process CPU using WMI

The following code lets us monitor a process running in windows using the WMI package designed for Python language. I have tested the same on multiple windows boxes and the results have been mostly accurate. Enjoy Advertisements

Python – WMI

I’d probably the last person in the world to brag about this, but I am fine with it. I am building a monitoring and reporting framework using Python and wanted to measure the memory and cpu utilization along with per process cpu utilization. ¬†Thanks to Tim Golden, most of my work was reduced. You can … Continue reading

Android Programming – Link

Here is a good resource for Android programming. They have step by step guide to build some sample applications. http://www.helloandroid.com/

Symbian – TPtrC to TText* conversions

To create a TText* from a TPtrC we need to access the Ptr() function of TPtrc. Here is the sample code snippet To Create a TPtrC using a TText* is same as that of creating a TPtrC from a TBuf either using the constructor or the Set method

Symbian – TBuf/TBufC to TPtrC conversions

To Create a TPtrC from TBuf/TBufC is straight forward and can be achieved in two ways, Using the constructor Using the Set Method Here you go, The variable buffer can be of either TBuf or TBufC To convert a TPtrC to TBufC is pretty simple Once the we have the TBufC we can convert it … Continue reading

Symbian – TBufC to TBuf conversions

This is the first post in the series of Symbian Descriptors conversions. If you want to learn the basics of String and Descriptors, check out this link. The first one is TBufC to TBuf Conversion. A TBuf can be obtained from a TBufC using the Des() method of TBufC Here is a simple code snippet … Continue reading