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Amazon EC2 Cloud Bundling

It’s my first try with Amazon EC2 and to be honest things really didn’t work as planned. First it was to configure Internet Options to allow me to download JDK from Sun after which Configuring IIS’s FTP service. Finally I had to rely on my good old friend FileZilla and hosted my FTP Server. After spending almost an hour just to set up the Windows box,  the next hurdle was to bundle the created instance so that I don’t have to configure the same agian. From the Amazon AWS console, I tried to bundle the running instance and as usual I wasn’t successful. After multiple failures, i decided to use the API tool set that I had downloaded.

I tried the following command and things worked like a charm.

ec2-bundle-instance instanceid -b bucketname -p prefix(bundlename) -o access-key-id -w secret-access-key



One thought on “Amazon EC2 Cloud Bundling

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    Posted by Lucas | May 31, 2013, 10:33 am

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