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Amazon EC2 Cloud Bundling

It’s my first try with Amazon EC2 and to be honest things really didn’t work as planned. First it was to configure Internet Options to allow me to download JDK from Sun after which Configuring IIS’s FTP service. Finally I had to rely on my good old friend FileZilla and hosted my FTP Server. After … Continue reading

Symbian – Launch an application with UID

I had been working on Symbian application development for quite some time now and this was the first code snippet I had written.

Symbian – TBuf to char*

One common problem that we face while developing for Symbian devices is the conversion of TBuf to char*. Here is how we do it, now str contains the buffers contents.

BSTR to char* conversion

I have been trying to find a correct and easy solution for performing a string conversion in C++; a conversion from BSTR to Char*. I need this conversion for writing a wrapper using GSOAP. I googled but could not find a way to solve the problem. Finally I understood how _bstr_t class did the conversion … Continue reading