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From YouTube FLV video to Ipod Mp3

My favourite bandwidth-wasting activity is downloading Comedy Clip / Tamil dramas from YouTube. We can download these FLVs with lots of utilities available on the internet, but once downloaded we would need an FLV player to play the video. But what if I wanted to play the same on my IPod shuffle or any other classic MP3 player

In this case, you can easily extract the audio from the video with FFmpeg. Let’s say we have an FLV video called video.flv

ffmpeg -i video.flv -vn -acodec copy song.mp3

With the -vn switch we make our intentions clear and ask FFmpeg not to bother itself with the video. Next we specify the audio codec copy, which tells FFmpeg to use the same codec to encode the audio, which it uses to decode it. To keep things simple, we’ll just keep the sampling and bitrate values the same.



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